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    1.Premier League 2010-2011 - 
      • Sunday 22-05-2011
         FOOTBALL - England - Premier League
      2.Championship 2010-2011 - 
        • Saturday 07-05-2011
           FOOTBALL - England - Championship


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        Football in England is almost a religion. In the UK football fan is deeply rooted in the very psyche of British culture, which is why we offer England football results. Not for nothing were the inventors of the sport has reached new heights of popularity around the world. The England soccer cup main front-page news in Britain. However, it also has the approval of many publications worldwide.

        His Premier League teams are known worldwide and it is not insignificant that their results Live are the most followed football on the planet. The most successful club in English football history is Manchester United which has trained the best international players. Until recently was active in its ranks a strong and high-called Portuguese player, nothing more and nothing less than Cristiano Ronaldo. At present this crack media defends the colors of Real Madrid.

        What say Arsenal Arsene Wenger, one of the England football team have more confidence in their quarry and usually have some extra scouting. Players from all over the world come to Arsenal being a complete unknown and end up becoming real stars. It\'s the magic of the French coach of Arsenal. The list of equipment is completed by the widely known Chelsea billionaire Roman Abramovich, Manchester City or Liverpool most Spanish of all time with Pepe Reina and Fernando Torres, among others.

        English football results are not only followed by the British themselves. A Across Europe, there are real fans of this competition with the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard. In this excellent website you will find constant updates of the markers that occur with equipment related to English football.

        Also find a series of statistics from the Premier League, League One, League Two FA Cup etc., of great value to help shape Bets and much more adjusted to reality. Not question the value of numbers and statistical calculations it can be a great support in predicting outcomes. Last but not least, it should be noted that playing soccer markers England or any other country can be rewarding, but we must also bear in mind that self-control and common sense is very important part the virtual game.
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